Is The Persian Cat Smart?

I love the domestic cat. I needed to form that clear from the point in time as typically after you write a commentary that might be thought-about negative, individuals kind the incorrect impression.


once I write on any cat there’s, of course, a private component concerned (otherwise it might browse like associate degree book of facts.) once it involves queries like this, I reference as several authoritative texts as attainable.

I simply wish to form it clear that what I contemplate associate degree authoritative supply isn’t simply another pet diary. to urge to reality, I address knowledgeable about homeowners and reference scientific studies.

it might be simple on behalf of me to merely write my very own uninformed opinion down and be through with, however, instead, I embrace a general accord of opinion.

If you’re speculative however intelligent your domestic cat is … then browse on.

Is the domestic cat good? Persian cats don’t seem to be to a fault smart however they’re very lovable. glorious for being light and typically goofy, Persian cats get in conjunction with everybody and cope well with environmental changes. they’ll not be as good as some breeds however this doesn’t affect their ability to form terrific pets.

What will we contemplate as intelligence in an exceeding cat?
When we’re talking concerning intelligence inside a cat, we tend to area unit about the feline’s ability to resolve issues and create changes in step with its native atmosphere.

we tend to area unit talking concerning whether or not it’s ready to communicate (albeit in its way) and makes changes to its behavior once effort new skills.

Is the Persian cat smart?

I think we’re obtaining a bit too technical tho’. once we tend to talk a few cats being good we square measure considering the following:

Response mechanism – will your cat acknowledge you once you decide its name?
Concept of your time – not associate degree understanding of your time however they’re going to understand once it’s time for dinner!
Logical process – as an example once you hide one amongst their treats behind one thing can they appear behind to seek out it or simply suppose it’s disappeared?

Understanding of reality – once you play a video of birds or mice on your tv, can your cat suppose they’re real or can they understand it’s not?
Of course, there square measure some ways in which you may be able to get compassionate however intelligent your cat is. It’s not precisely scientific tho’ and that I might notice no scientific papers that have tested individual breeds of cats against one another.

Why is that the Persian cat thought-about to be dumb?
The Persian cat is taken into account to be not the foremost intelligent breed of cat for 2 reasons:

Its look – some cats simply seem a lot of intelligent than others and therefore the Persian simply doesn’t look clever – hardly honest however it’s, however, we tend to humans partially decide intelligence.
It’s actions – generally, the Persian cat will simply do things that appear a bit…stupid.
It’s harsh to evaluate something on its look however sadly, it’s simply a part of the attribute. conjointly tho’, it’s not simply this. The few tests which will be performed on cats to live intelligence don’t yield sensible results from this cat, a minimum of once it involves intelligence.

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