5 Ways To Get Your Dog To Stop Biting – Doggie Desires


Unchecked biting can lead to behavioral problems in adult dogs as while nips may seem cute from 10-pound new puppies, it is something serious when bitten by an 80-pound adolescent dog! So if you want to get your dog to stop biting, it’s better to start training it when it is a puppy with the help of the following 10 methods.


Biting is part of canine development especially when they are teething. This is because this is the phase when puppies love sinking their fangs into anything, including your hands and feet.

The habit however has to be quickly controlled to avoid future problems, and ensure that you get your dog to stop biting.

1. Stop Playing With Them For a Bit

If you have a habit of playing with your puppy, stop playing with her if and when she bites you. Instead, give out a high-pitched, loud and sharp yelp to let her realize that her bite is not an acceptable action.

So do not stop your playtime with your puppy; instead, teach her what is right and what is wrong while playing. If you do not play with your puppy, or give her her daily exercise, she only ends up feeling more fidgety and this increases the chances of her biting you out of boredom and frustration.

However in the process of stopping you dog’s biting habit, it is also important that you do not end up discouraging your normal play sessions! It is important you play with your dog as it forges a bond between you and your puppy.

A moving hand also encourages your puppy’s prey drive and make her want to continue biting you. Instead, let your hand go limp when she bites you as limp hands are no fun to play with.

However do continue playing if she releases her bite, and yelp and stop playing if she bites you once again. Repeat this no more than thrice in a 15 minute period.

2. Keep Your Dog Busy

As playing with your hands is fun, it may give your puppy the wrong idea. Instead, encourage other modes of play where there is no risk of your puppy biting your hands, ankles, fingers or toes.

Keep your dog engaged with new and interesting toys as bored dogs are more likely to seek your attention by biting. So keep rotating her toys so that she does not end up bored playing with them.

Your dog needs lots of exercise as well-exercised puppies end up tired, and are thus not so rough while playing with you.

Teach your puppy good and mind-diverting habits to keep them busy so that they stop biting. You can encourage her to play with other well-mannered dogs who do not bite, so that your dog learns how to play nicely with dogs around her without biting. You can also enroll your puppy in a puppy training class to learn other essential skills while having fun.


 3.Use Physical Isolation

Once the 20 seconds are up, stat playing with your puppy once again. Repeat this each and every time your puppy bites you. This helps communicate the message to your puppy that gentle play is encouraged and okay, and that rough play is discouraged.

You next have to ignore your puppy for about 20 seconds as physical isolation from the pack sends strong vibrations to the puppy that she has done something wrong.

In case yelping does not help stop your dog from biting, the next time your puppy bites you, yelp and also remove your hand to show that playtime has ended.

4. Use Choke or Pinch Collars (Extreme Cases)

Pretty soon, your dog develops an unpleasant association and connection with this correction whenever she bites you.

However as this is an extreme step, it is better to resort to it only on rare occasions, when all other methods don’t seem to work at stopping your dog from biting.

In case of older puppies aged about 6 months, you can put a choke or pinch collar on your puppy, and give a short, sharp tug whenever she bites you.

5. Do Not Use Violence or Physical Punishment

This leads to even bigger problems than biting as she may end up not abiding or responding to your because of this fright.

Similarly, never play tug of war, wrestling or chase games when your dog bites, thinking it will stop your puppy from biting. On the contrary, these games only encourages the biting as your puppies enjoy themselves thinking the tug of war is a game

Do not make the mistake of slapping or hitting your puppy in the face if she bites. This will not help in any way at all. In fact, it may lead your puppy into thinking that you are playing with her and bite you more or may become afraid of you.