8 smart tips to dog your Christmas tree

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Christmas could be a wizardly time jam-packed with indulgence, laughter which heat fuzzy feeling. I like Christmas! however, within the mixture of all that fun, we must have a tendency to spare a concept for our pooches. plenty of amendment happens in our homes around Christmas time that may gift a danger to our dogs.


Decorations, guests and harmful foods square measure some of the potential issues our dogs could face at Christmas. None people wish our pups to own associate degree accident reception, and particularly not throughout one among the happiest times of the year. that is why it’s an honest plan to contemplate these common Christmas dangers to forestall any mishaps from happening to your pooch.

So to stay your dog safe and happy this Christmas, here square measure ten helpful dog safety tips.

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Dog-proof your Christmas tree
It wouldn’t be Christmas while not a tree, and real or pretend, each creates a risk to our pooches. Most dogs square measure unsurprisingly interested in tinsel.

It sparkles, makes a ruffling noise associate degreed has an uncommon texture within the mouth. It’s tempting for any curious pup, however, sadly will cause associate degree obstruction if eaten.

String lights create a tree completely, however, dogs will become tangled or electrocuted if tree lights square measure chewed on. And if delicate glass baubles square measure knocked and broken on the ground, sharp edges might cut your dog’s paws.

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